About Emotion At Work

“Emotions are the untapped resource of every organization.”

Timothy Warneka

Emotion At Work was founded in 2014 by Susan Van Klink. A successful software executive with global responsibilities throughout her career, Sue’s success has stemmed from her intuitive leadership capabilities and strong emotional intelligence. Knowing that leaders exist throughout all levels of an organization, she strives to help successful people reach even greater heights of success by knowing themselves better, identifying and removing any limiting beliefs that may be blockers to reaching the next level.

Believing that professional success is sweeter when accompanied by personal success, Sue focuses her executive coaching in a more holistic way, helping people to develop on either axes – the professional and the personal. Knowing that developments in one area can lead to success in the other, focusing on either aspect can greatly enhance a person’s happiness overall.

Who should contact Sue and Emotion At Work?    

  • Anyone who is looking to take their career to the next level.
  • Anyone who has had great success in their career but feels like something is not quite right in their personal life.
  • Anyone who has been recently promoted and now wants to ensure success in their new role.
  • Anyone who is at a crossroads, wondering where to take their career or their life.

Sue can help with all of these things. Coaching spots are limited. Please contact us here to arrange a dialogue.